Norwalk/Nagarote Sister City Project

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The Scholarship Program

“Para Los Ninos"


Heyling, an N/NSCP scholarship student

An investment in the education of Nicaragua’s children

In Nicaragua many children do not go to school because their families cannot afford the required uniforms, shoes, books and school supplies. Each donation of $50 to Para Los Ñinos covers these expenses for one child for one year of school.



Nicaragua has survived devastating earthquakes, hurricanes, decades of ruthless dictatorship, a revolution and a civil war. It is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere after Haiti. Approximately 80% of the people live in poverty and 60% are unemployed.

How the Scholarship Program Works

♦ Children are carefully screened and chosen by the Sister City Scholarship Committee and staff in Nagarote based on need and ability to benefit.  Students must attend school regularly, achieve passing grades and participate in community service projects,

♦ Students, parents and teachers meet regularly to monitor progress and address problems

♦ Family involvement is encouraged

♦ The scholarship covers tutoring, uniform, shoes, books, school supplies and computer classes for the high school student.

♦ If students continue their education past high school, we continue to provide the $50/year scholarship for their college matriculation costs and transportation expenses.

♦  College scholarships for students attending Saturday College cost $360/year.  Students attend college all day on Saturdays and work in our project to earn their scholarship funding, providing positive role models and much needed assistance with programs.



Sponsorship provides a wonderful opportunity to establish a meaningful relationship with a child in Nagarote. If you choose to communicate with your scholarship student, correspondence will go through our offices in Norwalk and Nagarote, translation provided when necessary. If at some point you would like to join a delegation to Nagarote, you will meet your child.

We operate as a partnership with the people of Nagarote, not a charity. We do not want to encourage our students to expect gifts from sponsors. If you are motivated to send a holiday gift to the child you sponsor, we ask that you make a special donation to the scholarship fund and we will use the funds to provide a special event, like a movie or a field trip for all the scholarship students.


Please Copy and Return This Form or make an on-line donation through


I want to give a scholarship to a child (or children) in Nagarote. In addition to my membership, enclosed is my check for $50 per child per year.

___ Please send me information about the student I am sponsoring.

I cannot sponsor a child but here is my donation of $____ for the program.





Please write your tax-deductible check to N/NSCP, with "Scholarship" in the memo portion.


PO Box 382

Norwalk, CT, 06852

Phone (203) 846-9288 



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